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The FAFTA community is a group of passionate trailblazers defending freedoms and rights to travel the world. We will protect people's right to travel freely, embracing cultures, wildlife, and the environment while creating shared economic opportunities.


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Our $100 USD 'WINGS' basic annual membership drive is open now for a soft launch welcoming our community of natural health travelers who want the following benefits;

What are the member benefits?
Through FAFTA memberships you will be a part of a community of changemakers and trailblazers to influence the conversations and actions that will help protect your freedom to travel. The funds raised will be used to support FAFTA and to provide practical solutions, advice, shape travel policy, and create freedom flight opportunities.
Current benefits include:

1. Access to the FOUNDERS ZOOM UPDATES* TUESDAY, March 2, 2021 * 

2. As our membership base grows we will provide education and support to our members regarding new travel documentation, medical exemptions, and legal challenges. 

3. Travel restriction news and policy updates

4. FREEDOM travel packages

5. Participation in our brand marketing for your business

We have 3 levels of an annual membership that include industry updates, freedom cities, our packages, and how you can maintain your right to travel without discriminatory medical restrictions. CREW and PILOT are available for members who want to contribute more but specific packages aren't launched yet. We anticipate them to include:

  • Access to the articles, interviews, research analysis, and practical freedom-to-travel advice in our FATA Travel News guide.

  • Invitations to Freedom gatherings for the natural health community around the globe

  • Jobs listings from an industry-specific career center sent out twice monthly

  • Access to free educational webinars

Consider becoming a member, help support the work of the freedom founders and ensure the long-term sustainability of FAFTA!

Value Statement

At FAFTA, we strive to create a future where travel free of discrimination or medical mandates.  We believe the safe passage and freedom to travel will have a positive impact on families, communities, culture, wildlife, and nature. While no organization is perfect in its actions regarding responsibility and sustainability, we feel it should be the intent of every organization to move towards such goals.  Since the FAFTA operates as a network and as a community, it is important that we curate those coming into our network who share the common values of freedom. 

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 FAFTA does not own or operate any aircraft. FAFTA will work with travel and other services providers as an advisor of the FAFTA membership program and as an advisor of its membership. All flights arranged by FAFTA for its members are performed by independent, third-party FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.